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Rhodiola Rosea and its Anti Aging Benefit

Rhodiola Rosea and its Anti Aging Benefit

This ingredient is contained in Calm PRT, AdreCor, ExcitaCor, and ExcitaPlus.

Fast aging and health problems concerned with aging is primarily linked to long term, high levels of stress. Stressful modern living could probably be the key factor that causes chronic diseases and premature aging. Luckily, specialists and researchers have found and discovered the group of herbal plants which we now call “adaptogens.”


Adaptogens have the largest scale of therapeutic properties than any herbal medicine, but its most exceptional quality is their specific ability to relieve stress. The major outcomes of adaptogens are enhanced energy throughout the day, a decrease in feelings of stress, increased endurance, better mental attentiveness, and a deep and relaxing sleep. Also, adaptogens notably hasten the recovery development after a sickness.


An example of an adaptogen plant is Rhodiola rosea or Russian Rhodiola, a perennial plant with red, pink, or yellowish flowers. One of the greatest attributes of Rhodiola is that it enhances physical and mental performance. It has been extensively used athletes and to increase energy. Rhodiola normalizes heart rate immediately after extreme work out. It develops the nervous system and major mental functions, such as memory, by escalating the supply of blood to the muscles and brain.


Rhodiola rosea has astonishing properties as an anti-mutagen and anti-depressive agent. Mutagens are physical or chemical substances that change the genetic material, usually DNA, of a life form and thus increase the occurrence of mutations compared to the natural level. More or less, mutagens, along with depression, also cause faster aging. This characteristic makes Rhodiola rosea much more powerful than other adaptogens out there.


Rhodiola rosea extract has been known to prevent and reduce stress-induced cardiac damage, lessen myocardial catecholamines and cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) levels. It trims down adrenal catecholamine release, too, and thwart heart arrhythmia. Rhodiola rosea is also studied to be able to improve thyroid function without any side effects such as hyperthyroidism.


During exercise or extreme physical work out, Rhodiola rosea can help improve the production of glycogen, the muscle fuel, and therefore enhance muscle power and energy. It also helps boost the breakdown of fats better and aid in weight loss and improved metabolism.


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