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Rhodiola Roseas Side Effects

Rhodiola Rosea’s Side Effects

This ingredient is contained in Calm PRT NeuroScience, AdreCor, ExcitaCor, and ExcitaPlus.

You might have heard and read about all the many benefits of the adaptogen herb Rhodiola rosea, such as its ability to improve mood, alleviate depression, fight stress, and strengthen the body’s immunity, among other advantages when it comes to more serious cases and health conditions. After all these, you may be wondering if you could actually add it to your daily diet. But before you jump into the conclusion that it won’t do you any harm, you may want to consider its possible effects. All herbs have side effects, may it be major or minor, and Rhodiola is no exception. These side effects may vary according to your body and overall health condition, especially if you have other health problems.


Generally, Rhodiola has very few known side effects and these side effects are still to be proven true and if it generally applies to all who would use it. To start, pregnant women are advised not to consume any form of the herb. Lactating and expectant mothers have the tendency to feel restless and anxious when they take Rhodiola.


While rhodiola rosea is hailed for its ability to give one a peaceful sleep, taking increased doses or taking it at the wrong time, can have the opposite effect. Normally, the suggested daily dose of Rhodiola is 100 to 600 mg. Consuming more than this dosage could give an unhelpful response in your ability to sleep properly. The herb could affect the body in a way similar to caffeinated drinks, which, by the way, are suggested to be avoided while using the herb. It is recommended that you avoid taking the herb before bedtime, as it can cause the same side effects as coffee.


Rhodiola rosea also has a blood-thinning capacity. If you are to undergo an upcoming surgery or other invasive procedures, it is advised that you discontinue the use of this herb and inform your doctor about it, along with other herbs you might be also taking.


Generallu, Rhodiola is a very safe herb, but knowing your body well and how it reacts or may react to particular substances should be your major concern. Do not forget to consult your physician and ask for the required dose for you so as to avoid any harmful side effects.

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