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Riboflavin and What it Does

Riboflavin, commonly known as vitamin B2 is an essential substance required for the body, and is used in energy metabolism. Vitamin B2 is yellow in color and is a common additive in a wide array of products. In fact riboflavin is added to everything from baby food, and cereals, to sports drinks, and even natural fruit juice. Enriched flour, and bread also have riboflavin added to them.

Riboflavin deficiency is common among people who are malnourished, and it is almost always accompanied by other vitamin deficiencies Some of the symptoms of low riboflavin levels are red, cracked, or bleeding lips, sore throat, and mouth ulcers. In animals the symptoms of low levels of vitamin B2 tend to result in much more dramatic, and dangerous effects than those observed in humans. Animals have even been known to die due to extremely low levels of riboflavin.

Luckily riboflavin occurs in most peoples normal every day diet. Some foods like, bananas, meat, fish, eggs, and green beans have significant levels of riboflavin. As far as it is known there is no known level of riboflavin that is toxic to humans, however with extremely high levels it is not uncommon for urine to turn especially yellow.


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