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Risks in Taking Taurine

Risks in Taking Taurine

This neurotransmitter is affected by Nuvoxil and Taurine


Taurine is one of the semi-essential amino acids that naturally produced by the body. Taurine is commonly present with energy drinks. There are also some taurine supplements and medications available. Energy drinks are often taken by athletes and body builders. However, studies showed that excessive taurine intake can be harmful to the body as well as your health. In accordance to this, it is strongly advised to avoid taking taurine along with other body-building medications and supplements.


If you are taking taurine as a medication to treat certain illness, you should always follow the proper dosage given by your doctor. Doing otherwise, could result to more serious health problems. This is because when taurine is taken along with other drugs and supplements, there are possibilities of harmful side effects. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are strongly advised to avoid taurine intake.


There has been a single case of a man with a bipolar disease that took excessive taurine. His bipolar disorder gets worse after taking taurine with caffeine and inositol. Though it has not been verified if taurine has made his bipolar disorder worsen or the combination of all those ingredients, it is still wiser to avoid excessive taking of taurine along with these ingredients.


Long term intake of taurina is also not advisable. Though there are no certain study to prove that this may be harmful to your health, doctors still recommend a moderate ingestion of taurine. According to some studies, taurine can be taken for not more than a year. Beyond that timeline, the effects are still unverified.


Generally, the risks of taking taurine is in connection to the length of time that you are under taurine medication, the correct dosage of taurine and the effects of taking taurine along with other medications. Taurine can be very helpful to some people especially to those who are in need of taurine medication. However, if it is ingested and taken incorrectly, it can result to an awful result.

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