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SerinAid Phosphatidylserine An Innovative Way to Stay Younger

SerinAid Phosphatidylserine An Innovative Way to Stay Younger


Here at NeuroFormulas, you can purchase NeuroScience Calm PRT, a neurotransmitter product that contains Serinaid and other powerful components to help you reduce stress and decrease anxiety.

Today’s generation has the potential to live longer because of the significant advancement in both nutrition science and health intervention. These have discovered and revealed a number of novel nutrients that are involved in improving cognitive health. PhosphatidylSerine or PS is actually one of those key nutrients. Therefore, it is absolutely important to take good care of your brains – your body’s most important asset.  


Fortunately, a solution has been developed to address the challenges of aging and its accompanied decreased mental performance. SerinAid® PhosphatidylSerine (PS) is proven safe and effective and is actually a high respected and well known in phosphatidylserine supplement industry. With its name alone, you can be assure that you are using the original phosphatidylserine that millions and millions of people have trusted for over 10 years to support their own cognitive performances.


SerinAid® PhosphatidylSerine (PS) and Cortisol

When the body is subjected to emotional and physical stress, it releases high amounts of cortisol. Cortisol is a catabolic stress hormone and its increased concentration can ravage muscle tissue by breaking down its protein into amino acid which will then be converted into liver glucose to serve as boost and fuel during the time of stress. As you take SerinAid® PhosphatidylSerine (PS) regularly, your cortisol levels are reduced thus helping you optimize your immune system and cognitive functions.


SerinAid® PhosphatidylSerine (PS) and Its Researches

PhosphatidylSerine or PS is well researched and well studied with over 60 human clinical trials over the period of at least 20 years. More than 20 placebo-controlled clinical trials were done and have proven that phosphatidylserine has a considerable value as a dietary supplement. It has also been proven that eating your normal diet would not give you the recommended amount of phosphatidylserine in the body. Researches have also shown that the addition of PS in one’s supplements can contribute greatly to his or her maintenance of youthful mental performance as well as improve one’s mental performance. 

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