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Study on Sardina Pilchardus Hydrolysate

Study on Sardina Pilchardus Hydrolysate


This ingredient is contained in LoraQuil, a popular Neuroscience vitamin product.

Many people are not familiar with the real meaning of sardina pilchardus hydrolysate or the hydrolysis in sardines. When people heard of sardines the only thing that comes to their minds is food or canned fish. Regular people would simply say that canned sardines are best and ideal for people in a hurry, those people that don’t have enough time to drool over the stove to cook fresh foods for their family. Furthermore, canned sardines are also ideal and advisable to those who cannot afford more expensive food which is very common in the present time due to numbers of sudden calamity that’s happened around the globe.


Sardina pilchardus hydrolysate is the process used to extract lipids from sardines. There are some studies and experimentations made to prove that sardine hydrolysis is a procedure to extract lipids.  One of these studies is titled “Optimization of hydrolysis of sardine (Sardina pilchardus) heads with Protamex: enhancement of lipid and phospholipids extraction,” by Jean Pascal Bergé. The result of this study showed that hydrolysis in sardines can really increase extraction of lipids. In addition, the experiment showed different important factors to be able to end up on the expected result. These factors are the following: the length of time of hydrolysis, the amount of water and mixed by-products, the accurate scientific device, the temperature and the speed of stirring.


Since this study and experimentation has proven the effectiveness of hydrolysis in sardines in extracting lipids, many science enthusiasts have become more interested in the said study. They opt to find more ways on extracting lipids from sardines or sardina pilchardus and stretch more possibilities of doing so. This study on sardina pilchardus hydrolysate is very important to everyone as extracting lipids from sardines has been a problem for a long time.

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