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Studying Essential Minerals

Can we survive even without minerals in our body? The answer is NO. Why? It is because these minerals perform a very important role in order for our body to function normally. Without these minerals, our body will not be able to fight microorganism that will cause our health to deteriorate.

So what are these essential minerals needed?

First is calcium. Calcium is much known for it strengthens bones and teeth. It can be found in milk, fish and tofu.

Another is Chloride. This is a mineral that is responsible for the regulation of body fluids and in acid-base balance in our body.

Chromium is another mineral that regulates the blood glucose in our body. This can be found in whole grains and meats.

Copper is a mineral that is very important for the nerve function, growth and blood formation. This mineral can be found in sea foods, nuts and seeds.

Fluoride is very important in bone health. This prevents formation of cavities. This can be found in fish and tea.

Iodine is also an important mineral because it is necessary for the production of thyroid hormones that regulates our body temperature. This mineral is commonly being found in iodized salt and seafood.

Iron. This mineral is very important in the transport of oxygen. Liver, egg yolk, dark green vegetables contain iron.

Magnesium is a mineral that is necessary in muscle relaxation and bone function.

Manganese is important for growth and carbohydrate metabolism. This can be found in whole grains, tea and vegetables.


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