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Taurine Deficiency and Overuse

Taurine Deficiency and Overuse

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Taurine is generally an organic amino acid which is commonly referred to as a non-essential or semi-essential amino. It is synthesized from the essential amino acid methionine and a non-essential amino acid cysteine. The human body has the ability to produce the amino acid taurine. However, in the case of infants, they cannot make taurine yet but they can get the dose of taurine through breastmilk and substitute breastmilk formulas.


Taurine can be produced in the body and can also be found in foods that we eat. If we consume foods that are rich in taurine such as meat, seafoods, egg and milk, then taurine supplements may not be needed anymore. In the case of vegetarians, taurine deficiency may occur.


Though there are taurine supplements being distributed and prescribed by medical practitioners, there are still some people who are wondering if these supplements are safe for them. A lot are worried that they may be taking excessive amounts of such supplements and fear that that could be bad for their health. Though there may not have any reported unwanted side effects of taurine supplement intake, studies and researches are still continuously done in order to learn and understand better if there are really dangers of taking taurine supplement.


The recommended dosage of taurine supplements is up to 3,000 mg, both for adults and for children. If one consumes more than the said amount, taurine will then be excreted in the body via through the urine. There are cases wherein people expressed their concern about overuse taurine supplements reporting that they have have experienced having high blood pressure, stroke and seizures. Nevertheless, these are not cleared yet. Either way, whenever we decided to take any supplements, it is still a wise decision to consult your health provider first to ensure it’s safe.

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