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Taurine Overview An Amino Acid That Has It All To Gain

Taurine Overview An Amino Acid That Has It All To Gain

This neurotransmitter is affected by Nuvoxil and Taurine

In the early years before the influx of technology in the world, people disregarded the importance of taurine to man’s body function. Taurine is a type of amino acid which was not so-important before but when mans work get’s hectic and strenuous each day over the decade, at present this type of amino acid is painstakingly essential in our body. It is the main element in most of the energy drink in the market today. Taurine endows all the benefits to make man active even on a backbreaking job. With taurine you can live a healthier life. Taurine is the second most profuse amino acid in the muscle after glutamine.

Australian scientists Leopold Gmelin and Friedrich Tiedermann discovered taurine in the bile of an ox in 1827. Taurine was derived from a Latin word Taurus (considering that it was first discovered in ox bile) which means “bull”. Humans also have bile, which helps in the body’s metabolism. It is also accountable for fat burning, digestion and insertion of fat soluble vitamins from the food we ingest. Taurine is a colorless substance found in the fluids of cardio muscles and blood cells.

Studies show that taurine has very essential role in brain development especially for new born babies. Most of milk formulas today comprise taurine for proper development of the brain and eyes. Autistic children is said to lack from taurine when they were in their mother’s womb. For the reason that, taurine is vital acid to intake during pregnancy. If an individual has taurine deficiency it can result to a serious health issues such as anxiety, hypertension, infertility, depression and the like.

This type of amino acid is naturally produced by the body through the help of vitaminB6 or pyridoxine. But fetus can’t naturally produce this acid so it’s very important that pregnant women ingests food with essential vitamins and minerals not excluding food with taurine such as fish and meat.

Living a healthier life style is very important and it’s not tough to do so. Have a healthy diet and take food supplement containing taurine is one wise action towards a healthier life style.

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