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Taurine Overview

Taurine Overview

This neurotransmitter is affected by Kavinace, TravaCor, and Calm PRT



You may have heard of the term taurine but you are not quite sure what it is. It is one of the required building blocks of protein which can be found in the heart, brain, retina and blood cells particularly in the platelets. Taurine’s food sources include meat products and fish. Some people referred taurine as a conditional amino acid. It is to be distinctive from amino acid. Taurine also have different known names which include 2-Aminoethane sulfonic acid, aminoethanesulfonate, L-Taurine, Taurine Ethyl Ester, and Taurine Ketoisocaproic Acid.


The difference between Taurine and amino acid is that Taurine can be produced by the body while amino acid can’t be produced by the body. Instead, it can be found from different food sources. Though taurine can be produced by the body, there are some cases wherein people’s body cannot produce enough taurine that is needed for a healthier life. In line with this, some people are taking taurine supplements in order supply the needed taurine for the body. Some of the examples of the people who cannot produce enough taurine are the babies. Cow’s milk cannot supply much taurine to the baby that is why mothers are advised to breastfeed.


While some people needed such supplementation to achieve the right amount of taurine needed by their body, others take taurine supplement to treat different diseases. One of the most common illnesses that it can cure is heart failure. Taurine become popular because of this. However, there are still numbers of treatment cases wherein Taurine is believed to be of big help.


Taurine is truly one of the essential elements that our body needs in order to live. Never forget to remember that you can help your body system acquire more of it from eating foods that are rich with Taurine. Also, if you find yourself lacking from this important amino acid, you can always consult a doctor to help you gain more.



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