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Taurine and Autism

Taurine and Autism

This neurotransmitter is affected by Nuvoxil and Taurine

Among the amino acids in the body, taurine is one of the most important for its wide variety of uses. Although not a real protein, but just made from 2 amino acids, taurine is now considered an essential compound that is needed in various organs and systems in the body, particularly the muscular system, cardiovascular system and the nervous system.

Taurine is important in maintaining balance of the electro-chemical functions of the nervous system. It functions as modulator and inhibitor of neurotransmitters and as a stabilizer of the cell membranes. Its effect on the sympathetic nervous system is important in ensuring that patients with epilepsy and seizures are in control.

Deficiency in taurine is prominent among patients with autism. Autism is a condition in which a person has problems with communication and social interaction and is usually seen on the first years of life. Other associated symptoms include low intelligence, impaired vocabulary development and convulsions. Autism was first thought to originate from environmental or social stress or trauma. However, studies have revealed that it is more organic in nature, with mercury poisoning also mentioned as a factor. Since it is not caused by only one factor, autism is treated with different procedures as well. Nutritional factors have proven to have significant help among the autistic patients. Since taurine is one of the deficient substances among autistic patients, taurine supplement can be of big help to them.

Taurine deficiency can have several causes. If the enzyme needed to make taurine is not sufficient, the taurine levels will be low. There are other substances that are also essential to manufacture taurine naturally. Anaerobic bacteria and candida also have bad effects on the taurine levels since they compete with the absorption of taurine. Usually, taurine is just excreted out via the urine when not absorbed. MSG in foods also degrades taurine.

Taurine is abundant in meat and seafood. However, for infants and babies, formulas are now fortified with taurine to make sure that they also have sufficient taurine intake. Taurine supplements are also available in different doses for those who need more of it, or for those who do not eat meat and seafoods.

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