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Taurine and Blood Pressure

Taurine and Blood Pressure

This neurotransmitter is affected by Kavinace, TravaCor, and Calm PRT

 Taurine is a naturally-occurring compound in the human body that is very similar and usually even called an amino acid for its similar component with protein. It was first discovered in bile and can be found in many places in the body including the small intestines and the different tissues in the body. It has many important functions in the human body           including the central nervous system, the skeletal system and the cardiovascular system.

Blood pressure refers to the force exerted by the heart on the walls of the blood vessels in an effort to deliver blood to the most distal parts of the body. A variety of factors can contribute to the dangerous increase in the blood pressure including blockages in the blood vessels, excess sodium and fluid in the blood,  arterial spasm, and many other causes. Taurine helps lower blood pressure in two different ways. First is through its diuretic effect and second is through its relaxing effect on the sympathetic nervous system.

Taurine works by keeping sufficient potassium and magnesium in the cells and at the same time keeping excess sodium outside. The fact about sodium is that it is excreted by the body when not in use. Additionally, water always goes with sodium, so both sodium and water are excreted out of the body. Unlike the common diuretic drugs prescribed for hypertensive patients, taurine is very safe and has no dangerous side effects. It also slows down the sympathetic nervous system thus relaxing the arteries. When the arteries are relaxed, the blood can freely pass without the heart exerting too much pressure.

While taurine is abundant in meat and seafood, some people require more than the usual amount, especially those with problems with blood pressure and the vegetarians. Taurine content of vegetables is very minimal to zero. That is why taurine supplements are now available to ensure sufficient taurine intake every day.

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