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The Basics of Essential Minerals

Essential minerals are the natural chemicals needed by the human body and other living organisms that are not found in the majority of organic molecules. Most of the chemicals found in the body can be made using only a few elements: carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen. Chemical elements that are necessary for life other than these four elements are referred to as minerals. Trace amounts of minerals are required in order for basic chemical processes necessary for life to take place. It is best to get essential minerals from food. This is because, in reality, there are so many trace elements that are necessary for life that not all of them can be found in a pill. Nevertheless, it can be very helpful to take supplements in order to ensure that all of the most well-known essential minerals are present in your body in sufficient quantities at all times. This helps your body to operate more efficiently, since it needs these chemical elements in order to undergo the basic chemical processes necessary for sustaining life. Many sources claim that their are sixteen essential minerals that are absolutely required in order for the human biochemical process to continue functioning properly. Without them, the human body will die off. The name mineral is actually somewhat inaccurate. A true mineral is a crystalline structure that has been formed by the geological process and can be found in rocks. They are chemical compounds consisting of more than one element. Dietary minerals, on the other hand, are not compounds. They are single elements that are needed by the body.


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