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The Benefits Of L Arginine

L-Arginine is an amino acid that's found in many foods, but also sold as a dietary supplement. And it's extremely popular among body builders. When you take L-Arginine your body turns it into nitric oxide, and that helps to really get your blood flowing. The increased blood flow to the muscles means more energy, and more time pumping iron. It also encourages your body to stop holding water under the skin, which makes muscles look a lot more defined. And it promotes protein production, speeding recovery time between workouts. So it's no surprise that L-Arginine is a main ingredient in many weight lifting shakes and supplements.  But It's not just for body builders. Because it helps with blood flow, L-Arginine works to support heart health. Some doctors say it's useful in treating patients with clogged arteries, and can help relieve chest pain. L-Arginine's vascular benefits are useful in treating men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. And there's some evidence it can help increase the libido in women.  L-Arginine is easy to find in pharmacies and online. You can purchase it as a powder, and mix it with other supplements in a shake, or buy it in pill form. Recently, many larger grocery stores have begun carrying it in their vitamin sections. L-Arginine is generally considered safe, but it should not be taken by pregnant women. And because there is no real recommended dosage, you may wish to check with a doctor before taking it.


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