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The Benefits of Acacia

The Acacia is one of the most potent natural remedy bearing plants in the world. There are three primary forms that this supplemental form comes in when packaged for purchase. Those forms are fiber, bark, and honey. A large number of the health benefit claims are based on tradition as opposed to medical research findings. However, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that most of its touted capacity is in fact real. The benefits of Acacia usage are dependent upon the form it comes in.  Acacia fiber is noted for increasing the HDL cholesterol type in the body. This is the (good) type of cholesterol that is beneficial for the body. The fiber also causes the generation of a hunger fighting hormone in the body known as CCK. Further benefits include an aid toward detoxing the digestive system and persistent rumors and hypothetical concepts involving how Acacia fiber might help prevent colon cancer. Acacia bark is a form of the Acacia plant which generally comes in a powder form once processed. This powder can be used as a potent astringent, an anti-inflammatory, and a remedy for rashes. The health benefits do not stop with these simple use, however. The powdered bark of the Acacia has been used to treat everything from hemorrhoids to individuals with a sore throat.  Acacia honey is another remarkable form of the Acacia which is used the world over. This honey serves as an excellent form of sweetener. However, it can also be used as a salve to help wounds heal faster and as an aid to those with diarrhea. It has known anti-microbial properties as well and is known to kill many types of germs. Unlike many other honey alternatives this variant does not crystalize over time.


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