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The Benefits of Taurine Supplements

The Benefits of Taurine Supplements

This neurotransmitter is affected by Nuvoxil and Taurine

Dietary supplements have become a staple in medicine cabinets for many years. This is probably due to advances in medical technology as well as the penchant of people for seeking ways to maintain their health and live longer lives. There seems to be a supplement for every kind of nutrient that the body needs. There is a need to look into these supplements, one in particular are taurine supplements.

Taurine is naturally available in fish and meat. However, people are not taking nearly enough taurine naturally, sufficient to produce the benefits than we can get from it. That is why there are taurine supplements that are available. These supplements are also necessary for those who are lacking in taurine due to several reasons.

Based on studies, the common persons who are susceptible to taurine deficiency are vegetarians, infants and women. Vegetarians are usually deficient in taurine because the natural sources of protein are meat and fish which vegans do not eat. Infants also require supplemental taurine usually in baby formula because the infant body is still incapable of making its own taurine.

Taurine supplements, usually available in powder or capsule form, have a lot of health benefits. In one study, taurine was found to have antioxidant properties. It was also found to help in the regulation of insulin which makes it ideal for diabetics. Taurine was also discovered to help improve the motility of sperms cells.

These are just a few of the benefits of taurine supplements. However, one should always take supplements like any other drugs with caution. It is wise to consult a doctor first before taking any kind of supplement. Pregnant women as well as those who are taking other medicines should particularly be very careful because of possible adverse effects to the development of the fetus as well as potential adverse interactions with other drugs.


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