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The Benefits of Thiamine

Thiamine is a vitamin that is an essential part of our bodies. It is also known as B1 and aneurine. It is one of the vitamins that make up B-complex vitamin. Thiamine was discovered in 1920 and was among the first compounds actually labeled as a vitamin. This essential nutrient plays an important role in both the nervous system and digestive system. It helps maintain proper flow of electrolytes through channels in nerve and muscle cells. It also helps the body produce hydrochloric acid which is necessary for proper digestion.  Thiamine is found in many foods. Legumes, beef, nuts and other seeds contain this vitamin. Oranges, wheat and other whole grains all have plentiful amounts of this nutrient. When white rice and flour goes through the refinement process it looses amounts of thiamine. For this reason, many are fortified with it.  As a general rule as long as a healthy, well-rounded diet is consumed getting enough thiamine is not a concern. However, the body does not store large amounts and it can be depleted in just a couple of weeks if it is not replenished.  Not getting enough thiamine in the diet can cause a severe deficiency. Serious conditions can result. The digestive system and/or the nervous system can be adversely affected by too low levels of thiamine. Complications an occur with the brain, muscles or gastrointestinal tract.


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