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The Body Needs Calcium

Calcium is essential in everyone’s daily lives. The body needs calcium to work properly. You can find calcium in many different places so you may get your daily dose. There are many foods that have plenty of calcium. Milk has quite a bit of calcium, which is one of the reasons you should get a daily recommended number of cups of milk per day. You can also find Calcium in Vitamins so that you may take them daily if you need a little extra to add to your body. Calcium helps your body in more ways then one.

For one it helps keep your bones strong. If you are women it could keep you from getting osteoporosis later on in life. It also helps your teeth stay strong also. A person usually thinks that is all the calcium does for the body is help the bones and teeth. Well it also helps your heart and nerves and muscles to function properly. This is why Calcium is essential for the body every single day. If you do not get the right amount of calcium everyday, your body will start taking it from your bones and your teeth. 

When a woman is pregnant it is very important for her to get the recommended amount daily. Even after the baby is born, while breastfeeding, it is very important the mother gets her calcium because with her breastfeeding also.


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