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The Effects Of Theanine To The Body

The Effects Of Theanine To The Body

This ingredient is contained in Nuvoxil, a popular Neuroscience product.


Theanine was first discovered in Japan where drinking tea was almost second nature and was elevated as an art form.  The Japanese noticed the calming effects that drinking tea gives to their body and for this reason they have studied all the chemical components present in a cup of tea.  Although there were other chemicals found, the most significant finding was the presence of the amino acid theanine.


Theanine’s chemical name is r-glutamylethylamide or 5-N-ethyl-glutamine. It is a derivative of amino acid most commonly found in tea and a certain kind of mushroom known as basidiomycete mushroom.  Theanine is known to reduce stress and relieve feelings of anxiety.  Discovered in 1949, it is confirmed by the FDA as generally recognized safe (GRAS) is now sold in the US as a dietary supplement. 


Although theanine is mainly used to reduce stress, further studies show that there are other effects of this chemical in the body including but not limited to improving learning performance, promoting concentration and the increase of dopamine levels in the brain.  Being an analog to glutamine and glutamate, theanine is known to cross the blood-brain barrier therefore this chemical has phsychoactive properties similar to the effects of caffeine. As a natural amino acid, theanine was also found to be able to block stress hormones.  Stress being attributed as a contributor to memory loss and depression which causes changes in the body’s chemistry and natural functions of the brain, a chemical that prevents stress hormones from affecting the brain such as theanine will greatly improve the body’s overall well-being.


Another effect of theanine to the body is that it promotes weight loss.  Something which most weight loss advocates found to be very positive. It is a common knowledge that in order to lose weight, the body must burn calories.  To achieve this, the body must exercise and do a lot of strenuous activities to burn as much calories and lose that unwanted weight.  The problem however is the lack of motivation to get up and exercise.  With the introduction of theanine to the body, it was found that it can suppress weight gain and also reduce triglyceride levels.


With all these positive effects to the body of theanine, it is therefore not surprising that a lot of beverages being sold in the market are said to contain this chemical.

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