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The Key in Children Health

While a regular schedule can make a parents life a lot easier, a routine is also a very important part of children’s health for many reasons helping to establish not only good habits but good behavior as well. The first step to making sure you have a happy and healthy child is to make sure they get the right amount of sleep. Studies have shown that if children as young as two years of age have even minor disruption to their sleep pattern, this can lead to severe problems in brain functioning. Children also can become more irritable, show poor concentration and memory and even signs of depression. Second, a routine in your children’s eating habits will make your kids happier as well. We all know that a hungry kid makes for an unhappy kid. Be sure to standards for when snacking is allowed and what snacks are appropriate. As in everything in your child’s life you shouldn’t indulge then with food whenever or whatever a child wants. If you follow this advice the end results should equal good eating habits. Dinnertime is also a great time to spend time with your family and get to know what is going on in your kids lives now matter what their age. The positive side affect of a set routine in your children’s health is that they know what the next step is and what the expected end result will be allowing for stability in your family life.


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