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The Many Benefits Of Bromelain

Although not as widely known as many other health supplements, Bromelain has many benefits. It's a group of enzymes found in pineapples, so it's completely natural, and very safe when used as directed.  A lot of dietitians recommend Bromelain for things like bruises, scrapes and pulled muscles. Because it's an anti-inflammatory, Bromelain is very helpful with the healing process. Rheumatoid arthritis patients have reported reduced pain after taking Bromelain, without the side effects of many other arthritis treatments. If you're having problems with your intestinal track, things like indigestion or an upset stomach, you should consider taking Bromelain. Several studies have shown its usefulness as a digestive aid. And there is some evidence Bromelain may be helpful for people with Crohn's disease, but many scientists say more research needs to be done in that area.  Some studies have even found that Bromelain is surprisingly good at speeding up the recovery time of plastic surgery patients. Bromelain is very easy to find. Most pharmacies and many health food stores carry it. But if you can't find it in a local store, just check online. Many e-retailers carry Bromelain, often at a low price .You'll often see it sold mixed with Quercetin, another plant derivative. That combination is particularly good for supporting sinus function.  Bromelain is typical sold in capsule form. Be sure to follow the directions on the bottle when taking it.


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