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The Powerful Acacia

Acacia is a very important herb, yet infamous for its important role in the field of natural medicine. Many medical experts are now trying to expand its usage to be used as a natural ingredient in many health supplements. In the past, acacia power is being limited to Ayurvedic medicine, treating skin disorders, sweetener, and curing rabies. But today, acacia wonders are being expanded to show its maximum potential in the field of health and medicine.

Acacia is found to be effective in aiding several health conditions such as detoxifying, cancer prevention, and fighting against bad cholesterol. Acacia contains a high level of fiber and helps to increase the HDL cholesterol in the body which is good cholesterol. Some studies also claim that acacia is effective in colon cancer prevention as well as against persistent tumors and is also good for digestive system detoxification.

The two main parts of the acacia tree that are being used as a natural ingredient for health supplements are the acacia honey or resin and the acacia bark. The acacia honey is traditionally used in many parts of the world as a form of sweetener. Moreover it has its healing properties that can be used to aid people with diarrhea and can also be used to heal wounds faster. Furthermore, the acacia honey also has anti-microbial properties which are good germ killer. One of its advantages over other types of honey is that it doesn’t crystallize over time.

On the other hand, the acacia bark is processed into a powder form in order to be used as a supplement ingredient. Acacia bark can be used to cure rashes, as a potent astringent, and has strong anti-inflammatory effects. These uses of the acacia bark is not limited to those, it can also be used to threat sore throat and hemorrhoids.


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