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The Real Deal Between Food Intolerance and Food Allergy

The Real Deal Between Food Intolerance and Food Allergy


Food intolerance and food allergy are often mistaken from one another because the symptoms they present is almost similar. It is important to settle the differences between the two. There are non-allergenic foods with histamine content. The intolerance for these kinds of food is brought about by improper processing of these foods in the digestive tract.

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The digestive system would basically respond to this improper processing by showing symptoms of food intolerance. This inability to digest certain ingredients inside the digestive tract does not involve the immune system. In the case of food allergy, the immune system is triggered by the allergens brought about by the food ingested.


There are certain instances also that a reaction upon food ingestion is not really an allergic food reaction but just another type of reaction which is most likely food intolerance. These reactions are shown through means of digestive problems. Digestive problems such as diarrhea, constipation and flatulence are often manifested when we have a reaction to food intolerance.


Food allergies are triggered by the certain food ingredients and cause an abnormal response that causes the body’s immune system to do certain actions. 


It should be kept in mind that the histamine found in foods is not basically food allergens and would cause food allergy. The symptoms may look and even feel the same but it is not to be mistaken with food intolerance. Food intolerance symptoms are dependent on the amount of histamine levels in the food that will be digested in contrast to the ones with food allergies. Allergic reactions brought about by certain food allergens can lead to serious illness and in some cases even death. It is at utmost importance to notify a medical practitioner or any health care provider about your food allergies for them to do preventive measures such as medications and even health teachings.

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