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The Untold Health Benefits of Cortisol

The Untold Health Benefits of Cortisol

This neurotransmitter is affected by Calm PRT and AdreCor

For sure you already heard a lot of stories about how chocolate act as brain’s antidepressant; it stimulates the secretion of endorphins. But more than that, there is a natural hormone called cortisol that can be found in your brain. It has been described by the medical experts as hydrocortisone. It is a kind of hormone secreted by the adrenal gland in response to stress. Its effects of cortisol have already been proven by the experts.

One of the positive effects of cortisol or also known as stress hormone is that it can be used as a natural remedy to cure inflammatory skin ailment or it could be converted into injectable form to lessen inflamed tissue. According to professional experts, it is a good treatment under various conditions. Another additional benefit of cortisol is its capacity to make sure that the needed sodium of the body is not lost.

One more function of cortisol is to succors the liver to eliminate harmful substances from the body. Researchers also pointed out other helpful effects of cortisol, to wit: it decreases the sensitivity to unpleasant physical sensation, it may serve as a good source of energy and vitality for survival reasons r endurance, it also enhances the function of the memory, it increases immunity, and last, it helps to maintain and preserve the state of equilibrium of the body.

Nevertheless, this hormone bears negative effects too. Examples are: lowers bone density, it has also a conceivable influence on blood inoculation levels of glucose  and last, it raises blood pressure.

Even though cortisol is a valuable and essential element of the human body’s reaction to stress; it is still important that your body must still follow a good relaxation routine; like proper exercise, and eating balanced diet to naturally reduce stress.

Learning to unwind and relax by employing variety of methods, keeping away from high stress conditions when you can, and even taking some therapy can help you to become less apprehensive and anxious.


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