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The Wonders of AKBA

The Wonders of AKBA

You can find all NeuroScience supplements here at NeuroFormulas including the AKBA-containing product NorLox.

New studies on AKBA show that it also contributes in the generation of cell cycle arrest. To do this, AKBA blocks the mediated production of TNF, one of the stimulants that results to inflammation. Also AKBA has been found to be responsible in stopping TNF-induced that can result to cell invasion. In complementary, AKBA also shows effects in the inhibition of human leukocyte elastase and topoisomerase and inhibition of 5-Lipoxygenase, which are responsible for calcium mobilization and MAP kinase activation in the body. These properties of AKBA are the reason why they also linked AKBA as a supplement that has an effect to somewhat slow the spread of cancer in the body.

In the ancient times, AKBA has been used to aid diseases related to inflammation in the body such as body pains. Today several studies were made trying to find out if our ancestors were right in those beliefs. Decades of researches on AKBA confirmed that acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid really has anti-inflammatory properties, therefore stating that our old ancestors were right.

AKBA is now being widely used to aid in a number of diseases related to inflammation such as arthritis and asthma. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease characterized by muscle pain therefore limiting a person’s ability to work. It is also due to inflammation of the joints of the body.

In addition to those findings, medical experts also found out that AKBA in a form of supplements are also effective in aiding other disorders including boils, liver diseases, dysentery, arthritis, ringworm, and other afflictions.

The main source of AKBA used as an ingredient of dietary supplements comes from the resin extracts of boswellia serrata trees. To complement preliminary findings on the uses of AKBA, other experiments were done to find out further benefits of AKBA to human body.

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