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The Wonders of Histidine

The Wonders of Histidine

Histidine is among the 22 alpha-amino acids that are common in animal proteins, and also an organic compound. It serves as an important foundation of carbon atoms which are needed in the production of purines. Also, histidine acts as a direct precursor for histamine production, which is important in many physiological reactions in the body.

The imidazole group which belongs on the side chain or histidine has two properties; it can act as both a base and an acid. Therefore it can accept and donate protons depending on the conditions. This property is a very important factor especially in the functions of histidine, since blends with other enzyme’s primary structure and is incorporated in proteins.

One factor known to affect histidine in the body is the enzyme histidine ammonia-lyase. This enzyme is responsible for conversion of histidine into urocanic acid and ammonia. A low level of this enzyme in the body can sometimes lead to histidinemia, which is a rare metabolic disorder. Other microorganisms and substances such as filamentous fungi, Neurospora crassa histidine, and actinobacteria, can be transformed into antioxidants such as ergothioneine.

Histamine has a significant response on the flow on secretions, smooth muscle and even creates itch or perhaps pain. With flow it manufactures arteriolar and precapillary sphincter dilatation as well. The cause blood pressure drop as well as heart rate rise is associated with injection of histamine. Histamine enhances the tone of nearly all smooth muscle types such as the bronchioles and intestines. Histamine excites pancreatic, salivary and pepsin secretions as well. It induces pain or itch due to nerve endings stimulus when injected into the skin. Histamine discharges in urticaria which in relation with the itching.

Histidine supplementation in human has been observed to result in a rapid excretion of zinc in the body at the rate of about 4 times the normal. It is maybe one of the reasons why it is now being widely used as an ingredient in many dietary supplements.


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