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Theanine Supplements Tea in Capsules

Theanine Supplements Tea in Capsules

This ingredient is contained in Nuvoxil, a popular Neuroscience product.


Focus, rejunivation and relaxation. These are just some of the desired effects of tea. It boosts our energy without draining or making us sleepy and at the same time it motivates us without the jagged feeling. Even though teas can contain much more caffeine than some coffees, teas do not have that stimulatory effect. This is because teas, most especially green teas, contain theanine. Theanine is responsible for the neutralization of the jagged, speedy and harmful effects of caffeine without compromising the fat-burning and mind energizing features.  


The effect of L-theanine in the brain can be observed through EEG. When a person takes theanine, the brain waves demonstrate smooth waves rather than flattened. Morever, it can be observed that the person is relaxed, calmed but not drowsy. This is exactly the kind of relaxation that sleep therapists recommends. Those who seek help from these professionals are usually advised to listen to relaxing music or engaged in a relaxing activity before going to bed. According to researches, pre-sleep relaxation is a very effective way to induce sleep. It is therefore recommended for people suffering from insomnia.


However, falling asleep and getting a good quality of sleep are 2 different things. In a study conducted in Japan, individuals that are taking 200 mg of theanine everyday did not cause them to sleep longer but it did help them sleep better.  It has also been noted that theanine can improve sleep quality, makes one feel refreshed and greatly helps in the recovery from exhaustion.


Another important effect of drinking tea is that it improves one’s mood. Since tea contains a large amount of theanine and that theanine has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier, experts have investigated its effect on mood. Results have led to the recognition of theanine as a mood enhancer.  

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