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Theanine Tea To Combat Stress And Anxiety

Theanine Tea To Combat Stress And Anxiety


This ingredient is contained in Nuvoxil, a popular Neuroscience product.

Life today is hectic and fast-paced. With this, people are besieged with stress and anxiety which is one big health issues of modern man. Starting the day with stress and anxiety might ruin the entire day. It can almost always impinge living if uncontrolled. It can’t be evaded easily unless you stay out from the triggers of stress and anxiety which sometimes tends to be impossible to do. Before you know it stress and anxiety is already driving you insane. However, don’t you know that drinking a cup of green tea with theanine will help you combat stress and anxiety? Yes! It is!


Theanine is one type of amino acid that is found in green teas. It’s a natural acid with wide range of health benefits. It is well thought-out as contender to caffeine and other rudiments that stimulates the brain and central nervous system. It has soothing effects that help balance body and mind. It has relaxation properties that were proven as treatment for stress and anxiety. According to studies, the reason why people get stress is because the brain manufactures less GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) which acts as neurotransmitter in the brain. GABA is a balancing agent with neurons. It balances and calm down the executory whims of the brain. Theanine insist the brain to fabricate GABA then correct the discrepancy. By urging the brain to produce GABA, it calms the action of neurotransmitter and that’s the reason why drinking a cup of tea with theanine helps treating stress and anxiety.


It has been proven also than aside from the fact that theanine helps treat stress and anxiety is that it also does not affect the mind in such a way that it will lose its focus. So, if you want to live your life with manageable stress, drink a cup of tea every day.

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