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Thirteen Essential Vitamins

The essential vitamins are those vitamins that are considered to be the most important nutrients that our body needs to function and to grow. Most of these vitamins are found in the foods that we eat, but if you are not getting the proper diet, they can be found in supplement form. The thirteen essential vitamins are:  1. Vitamin C – an anti-oxidant which strengthens the immune system, and heals wounds. 2. Vitamin A – an anti-oxidant which is necessary for normal growth and strengthening the immune system. 3. Vitamin B1 or thiamine – is needed for normal functioning of the heart, muscle tissue and digestive system. 4. Vitamin B2 or riboflavin – necessary for the production of red blood cells and chemical processes. 5. Vitamin B3 or niacin – must be used in the functioning of the brain and also is effective in lowering cholesterol. 6. Vitamin D – actually comes from the sun and is necessary for converting calcium in bones, teeth and is needed for healthy skin, hair, etc. 7. Vitamin E – an immune system builder which fights free-radicals, is necessary for blood clotting. 8. Vitamin K – essential for healthy bones and tissues 9. Biotin – involved in releasing energy from foods. 10. Pantothenic acid – assists the adrenal gland and producing cortisone. 11. Vitamin B6 – is necessary for normal brain functioning, metabolizing amino acids. 12. Vitamin B12 – maintains the central nervous system. 13. Folic acid – creates new DNA and cells.


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