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Top 10 Natural Sources for Powerful Antioxidants

Antioxidants have been at the forefront of health news for several years, now. There is so much information on antioxidants readily available to the average consumer that it has become impossible to determine what they are, where they come from, and how they can help you. Taking a look on the Internet for a list of the top 10 natural sources of antioxidants reveals a thousand different lists, each one different than the other. This is partly due to how antioxidants are measured and partly due to what, exactly, is being measured, but the discrepancy is mostly due to tons of bad science, misinformation, and sales pitches disguised as facts.

To get an accurate top 10 list of natural antioxidants first depends on a solid definition of antioxidants. At their most basic, antioxidants are simply compounds that inhibit the oxidation of other compounds or elements. Oxidation is a chemical reaction whereby compounds are broken down by oxygen. When this occurs in a living organism, it produces atomic and subatomic particles known as free radicals. These radicals have been shown to cause damage and even death in living cells. The introduction of antioxidants prevents free radicals from forming and can hinder free radicals that are already present. While hundreds, if not thousands, of dietary supplements are on the market that claim to hold high levels of antioxidants from exotic sources, the best forms of antioxidants are consumed directly from common foods.

Taking this fact into consideration, it is possible to eliminate many top 10 antioxidant lists right off the bat as bogus. If the list doesn’t contain common foods, it can be eliminated. In discovering the top 10 natural sources for antioxidants, it is necessary to find a list that is supported by independent scientific research. This is a more difficult task than it may seem. In putting together this list, the USDA study of the foods with the most antioxidants per serving was used. This top 10 list was created by analyzing over 100 different foods believed to be high in antioxidants.

The final list is as follows with the antioxidant capacity listed after the food: 1. Small red beans 13,727 2. Wild blueberries 13,427 3. Red kidney beans 13,259 4. Pinto beans 11,864 5. Domestic blueberries 9,019 6. Cranberries 8,983 7. Artichoke hearts 7,904 8. Blackberries 7,701 9. Prunes 7,291 10. Raspberries 6,058 This would seem to be the end of the debate if it were not for something called Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, or ORAC. ORAC is a scientific measurement of all antioxidants in a given food and their ability to be used effectively in the human body. So far, the ORAC rating is the most thorough method of determining the foods with the highest levels of total antioxidants with beneficial effects for people.

Early studies suggest that foods with a high ORAC rating produces such health benefits as decreased cellular damage in the pulmonary and cardiovascular systems and the prevention of long-term memory loss. These foods can also keep brain cells healthy and responsive to chemical stimuli. According to ORAC studies, to receive the benefits of antioxidants, between 3,000 and 5,000 ORAC units are required from foods to have any impact on the body. Here is the list of the top 10 antioxidant foods by ORAC rating, with the food followed by the rating for a 100 gram serving: 1. Prunes 5,770 2. Raisins 2,830 3. Blackberries 2,036 4. Kale 1,770 5. Strawberries 1,540 6. Spinach 1,260 7. Raspberries 1,220 8. Brussels sprouts 980 9. Plums 949 10. Broccoli florets 890

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