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Toxi HMF Information

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- As an aide in toxin mobilization and elimination - Comprehensive support for heavy metal clearance

Toxi HMF is specifically designed to assist your patients in toxin and heavy metal mobilization and elimination. Using various amino acids, antioxidants, flavonoids minerals, and chelators, Toxi HMF is able to effectively aid in mobilizing a toxin or heavy metal. Once the toxin is mobilized from its storage site (nervous system, connective tissues or adipose tissue), it must be effectively bound (chelated) to prevent active transport back into its storage site and must be acted upon through the various cellular detoxification organs for proper elimination.

Toxi HMF, along with companion products such as BioCleanse or BioInflammatory, provide all the essential components for a successful and safe detoxification program.

DL METHIONINE AND N-ACETYL-L-CYSTEINE (NAC) enhance glutathione synthesis, a major antioxidant with the ability to chelate and render many environmental toxins. Both DL Methionine and NAC are sulfur amino acids and are important in a healthy immune response, tissue healing, and detoxification.

GARLIC is incorporated into Toxi HMF as an organic food source of bioactive sulfur compounds. Garlic complements and supports the actions of DL Methionine and NAC. Both amino acids assist the liver’s Phase 2 detoxification pathways.

SODIUM ALGINATE is an effective detoxifier and binder of various metals, such as strontium, calcium, barium, cadmium, and radium, which are strongly bound. Lead is also bound by sodium alginate, although not as strongly. Algins can be considered soluble fiber and are derived from seaweeds. Most Algins are derived from the giant kelp Macrocystis pyrifera.

Reports indicate that when NAC and potassium citrate are combined, mercury elimination was increased 163%! This equals the level of elimination from DMPS or DMSA.

BENTONITE is clay that binds toxins preventing their absorption or reabsorption (EC – enterohepatic circulation). It has been reported that bentonite is 40 times more absorptive than activated charcoal. Bentonite may be the true universal antidote. Bentonite has been shown to protect against the effects of aflatoxins in broiler chickens. It was also shown to prevent high radiocesium levels in animal products. Bentonite may absorb certain drugs and nutrients. Take Toxi HMF between meals on an empty stomach for best effect.

PECTIN assists in the clearance of toxins through the colon. As a soluble fiber it has beneficial properties that protect the colonic epithelium. Colonic bacteria act on pectin to form beneficial short chain fatty acids (acetate, propionate, and butyrate) that are essential for healthy intestinal function.

CITRUS BIOFLAVONOIDS assist in a healthy detoxification experience by inhibiting the inflammatory mediators (such as phospholipase A2, lipoxygenase and cyclo-oxygenase) and acting as antioxidant cellular protectants.

VITAMIN C (ASCORBIC ACID) works synergistically with the citrus bioflavonoids and enhances connective tissue repair because of its role in collagen synthesis. Vitamin C may aid in the detoxification of some heavy metals, such as lead and other toxic chemicals.

ALPHA LIPOIC ACID (ALA) acts as an antioxidant and an antioxidant recycler and enhances cellular energy production. ALA has been shown to chelate transition metals implicated in the pathogenesis of diabetic neuropathy. ALA has also been shown to protect against cadmium and hexane toxicity and has been used to treat liver toxicity resulting from Amanita phalloides mushroom poisoning.

Suggested companion products: - BioCleanse Functional Food and/or capsules - BioInflammatory Functional Food and/or capsules

Click here to Buy Toxi HMF by BioGenesis

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