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TravaCor 5 HTP Article

The Healing Wonders of 5-HTP

Article written by staff.

5-HTP is a therapeutic supplement that could also be found in foods like cheese and poultry products. If you would like to take a regular intake, you can search for it at different herbal stores. Most of 5-HTP supplements come in a gelatin form capsule with 50 mg or 100 mg dosage.

Note: 5-HTP is a critical component of TravaCor.

5-HTP does not require doctor's prescription to be able to buy one. There are even supplements that are sold not only containing 5-HTP but also different minerals and herbal products that can help maximize the effect of 5-HTP in curing different disorders such as anxiety and stress problems.

Curing different disorders related to stress and depression with the use of Omega 3, probiotics, and other herbal supplements are the thing of the past. Today, people are shifting to the new means of getting rid of these problems by the use of 5-HTP which is proven to be more effective. In addition, 5-HTP does not give serious side effects to the users. Much more, compared to other prescription drugs that can be highly addictive, 5-HTP is a safe option to consider in curing anxiety and stress.

There are several combinations of different ingredients that are used together with 5-HTP to be able to produce a perfect supplement that can effectively cure depression, anxiety, and stress problems. One famous combination is the combination of ginseng, Niacin, and 5-HTP which when mixed together has an effect similar to tryptophan, just even better, because the supplement is organic and has only a minimal side-effect if not taken correctly. Since 1996, more and more people are choosing these natural supplements to get rid of depression and stress problems over prescription drugs.

It is very important to know the right amount of 5-HTP taken per day to make sure that you can effectively get what you are expecting and not the side effects that can be get through overdosing. Nausea and gastrointestinal problems are the known results of taking 5-HTP greater than 200 mg dose per day. Therefore it is best to ask your pharmacist or herbalist on what dosage should you take depending on the severity of your problem. These side effects are known to be only taking place in a short period of time and not permanent.

There are numerous known causes on how panic attacks and anxiety problems are triggered. However, most physicians and researchers believe that it is mostly due to our brain. Our brain processes a lot everyday and certain chemicals are needed to maintain its health.

Serotonin is one of the chemicals present in the human brain. When the level of serotonin became significantly lower from its normal amount, it is most likely that depression and anxiety problems are triggered. And that's where 5-HTP will come in. 5-HTP is needed in the brain to maintain good serotonin level that are going low due to daily physical and mental activities. Choosing a combination of known treatment such as attending therapy session and taking supplements can be a good choice in proper treatment of those problems.

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