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Treatment of Folic Acid Deficiency

Deficiency on Folic acid is being diagnosed by blood test, medical history as well as studying symptoms of patients. Blood tests are being performed to find out the count of red blood cell as well as the b12 vitamin and folic acid levels.

With regards to treatment, it involves folic acid supplements intake each day. The dosage of folic acid supplements should be as instructed by health doctor. The recommended dosage should be sustained for about 4 months at least or on condition that folic acid levels is not turning out to be normal.

With the case of having an underlying disease such as sickle cell anemia, supplements of folic acid dose have to be continuous for a long period of time until it is treated. Every pregnant mother is suggested to take supplement of folic acid within the earliest 12 weeks of being pregnant. Supplementation must be taken even though pregnant mothers are having a proper diet and seems to be healthy. Mothers who are expecting to be pregnant could begin taking folic acid supplements even before getting pregnant.

As a result, this could help out in the prevention of certain birth defects such as spinal cord problem with the mother’s newly baby. Together with taking such supplement an individual should include folic acid enriched foods into their diet. Some of the highly enriched folic acid foods include leafy vegetables, sprouts as well as grapefruits and oranges.

Persons who are experiencing common symptoms of having folic acid deficiency should also consider the possibility that they can also be vitamin B12 deficient since both forms of health condition poses similar symptoms. Consulting a physician for the necessary supplementation is a must if this situation occurs.


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