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Treatment of Iodine Allergy

Although, the human body uses iodine for the thyroid gland to manufacture such thyroxin hormones, some individuals could still suffer from allergies on iodine. However, cases of iodine allergy rarely happen. Individuals who are allergic to many iodine enriched seafood such as shrimp and shellfish may have an allergy to iodine, though seafood and iodine allergy are not essentially associated.

Symptoms of Iodine allergy could appear in just few a minutes once the allergen goes through the body. Symptoms of iodine may also be evident on the skin once it makes contact with iodine. Reactions of iodine allergy occur as soon as the immune system regards iodine to be somewhat harmful substance in the body. Consequently, the immune system would releases histamines which give an apparent reaction regarding various symptoms of allergy.

Iodine allergy with skin reactions such itching rash and hives could be cured with oral antihistamines which are sold in the market. Health doctor may recommend a bronchodilator to lighten lung congestion, coughing as well as widen the airways. In addition, health doctor might as well prescribe injections of epinephrine for the attacks of iodine allergy symptoms to prevent the further reaction.

If an individual experienced any symptoms of iodine allergy after iodine ingestion he/she should seek advice from health doctor for alleviating such symptoms. When an individual is experiencing anaphylactic symptoms he/she should call for an emergency health unit immediately.

Keep away from taking any medication without the recommendation of any qualified health doctors. Even the slightest signs of iodine allergy could establish harm into a person’s health, therefore follow recommendations of doctors.


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