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Tryptophan Diet and Anxiety

Tryptophan Diet and Anxiety

This ingredient is contained in NeuroScience's Nuvoxil, a popular health product by Neuroscience Inc..


Tryptophan is an essential substance needed by the brain to make serotonin. In order to provide the body its required concentration of tryptophan, you can either eat foods that are rich in tryptophan like tuna, turkey, cheese and milk; or take it in health supplement form.


With sufficient amount of tryptophan, you can be sure that your serotonin levels are in its desired levels to alleviate and prevent panic attacks, anxiety and depression. Increasing serotonin is what selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs do. This includes drugs like Celexa and Prozac. However, they do not actually increase the levels of serotonin itself but what they do is stop its re-absorption. By consuming tryptophan, you are providing your body the building blocks of serotonin, thus increase its levels.


There are people who would say that supplements are better than the SSRIs, while other says that you can cure anxiety just by eating high tryptophan diet, but still a lot of them would say it’s useless. Studies have shown that taking tryptophan is more effective than these drugs in treating depression and anxiety. In addition to that, tryptophan provides lesser side effects. But of course, these studies are not that accepted by medical doctors because big pharmaceutical companies have got the market sewn up. They really do know what is good for the business.


But, do you really need supplements? Can you just get your daily dose of tryptophan from the food you eat? There are people who believe that even if you include these foods in your everyday meal, it will never reach its sufficient amounts to create a difference because of its competition against other amino acids. However, this may not be true. There still a good chance that eating foods rich in tryptophan can increase your serotonin levels thus improving one’s mood.

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