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Ultra B Complex Information

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- Maintains proper B vitamin levels - Supports proper blood sugar balance - Supports healthy nerve function - Helps regulate healthy homocysteine and cholesterol levels - Supports healthy visual, skin, digestive, and oral functions - Assists in maintaining healthy mental and emotional states

B-vitamin deficiencies can lead to blood sugar imbalances, neurological dysfunction, elevated homocysteine and cholesterol levels, elevated triglyceride levels, impaired wound healing, growth impairment, visual disorders, digestive disorders, skin disorders, fatigue, weakness, anemia, depression, and anxiety.

When choosing a B complex vitamin product for your patient, consider BioGenesis’s Ultra B Complex. Physicians have carefully and thoughtfully formulated this B vitamin formulation with your patients in mind.

For your special needs patients, those with sensitivities or those who just want or need the very best B Complex, we suggest Ultra B Complex. Vitamins B2, B6, and B12, as well as inositol and folic acid are present in their biologically active forms for greater tissue utilization. These biologically active B vitamins do not need to be activated in the liver, as do the USP grade forms. Because of this, the tissues of the body can take them up without any prior processing in the liver. Some studies have estimated enhanced tissue utilization up to 10 times higher than regular B vitamins. When regular B vitamins are absorbed into the blood stream a race against time begins between liver activation and kidney clearance. With biologically active forms the vitamin is available for immediate absorption in the tissues. This results in less waste, less work for the liver and kidneys, and faster patient response.

With Ultra B Complex, you can be assured of quality, purity, and effectiveness.

Click here to Buy Ultra B Complex by BioGenesis

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