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Ultra Fiber Plus Information

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NUTRITIONAL SUPPORT FOR INTESTINAL FUNCTION AND MAINTAINENCEOF HEALTHYCHOLESTEROL LEVELS ULTRA FIBER PLUS is a unique dietary fiber supplement that has been formulated to: - promote bowel regularity and relieve occasional constipation; - help maintain cholesterol levels within the normal range; - support heart health; - reduce the glycemic index of concurrent meals; - increase the dietary intake of fiber with a healthy ratio of soluble-to-insoluble fibers.

Who should use ULTRA FIBER PLUS? - Individuals experiencing constipation or prolonged intestinal transit times; - Individuals who consume a low dietary fiber intake due to food allergies or sensitivities to wheat or psyllium; - Individuals requiring nutritional support for the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels and heart health; - In dividual s requiring probiotic supplementation such as following a course of antibiotics. There are 15 million freezedried, human strain Lactobacillus acidophilus per serving.

How long can ULTRA FIBER PLUS be used? - ULTRA FIBER PLUS can be consumed on a daily basis as a source of fiber by individuals requiring a dietary fiber source on an ongoing basis.

ULTRA FIBER PLUS Key Ingredients:

Guar gum: the addition of guar gum to a test meal is associated with a flattening of the post-prandial glucose response.1 Guar gum appears to effect carbohydrate absorption by retarding the emptying of the stomach, inhibiting starch degradation and reducing glucose absorption in the small intestine.2 Guar also the ability to lower levels of LDL cholesterol while maintaining levels of HDL cholesterol.3

Pectin: in animal studies pectin added to the diet produced beneficial changes in the small intestinal villi length and crypt cell proliferation when compared to fiber-free or cellulose supplemented diets.4 Pectin has also been shown to have beneficial effects on the health of the colonic mucosa. Pectin, possibly due to its high water solubility, undergoes a significant amount of bacterial degradation to SCFAs. The SCFAs are absorbed by passive diffusion into the mucosal cells where they act as the preferred respiratory fuels.5

Barley beta-glucan: barley with high amounts of fibrous beta-glucan has been shown to produce a significantly lower glycemic and insulin response to carbohydrate challenge.6

Oat fiber: In a 24 week crossover study eight non-insulin dependent male subjects were evaluated for blood glucose, insulin levels and lipids. A diet that contained 19 g fiber per day was compared to a diet that contained 34 g fiber/day using various breads with added oat-bran concentrate. Glycemic and insulin responses improved, along with total and LDL-cholesterol in the high fiber oat-bran concentrate period.7

Cellulose fiber: has been demonstrated to accelerate colonic transit and produce a larger, softer stool that contains more water and is easier to pass. Cellulose fibers are useful in the management of constipation.8

Lactobacillus acidophilus

There are several hundred different species of microflora residing in the human intestinal tract. Lactobacilli, of which Lactobacillus acidophilus (L. acidophilus) is one such species, can be found throughout the intestinal tract, even the highly acidic stomach. The usefulness of lacobacilli for treating a wide variety of conditions and disorders was first proposed in 1908 by Metchnikoff . It has been found to be a useful therapeutic adjunct for treating such conditions as antibiotic-induced dybiosis, hypercholesterolemia, vaginal infections, depressed immunity and lactose intolerance.9


The second-meal-effect has been defined as the ability of one meal to improve glucose tolerance of the next meal. Jenkins et al. first reported this next meal phenomenon when studying the effects of guar gum on glycemic response. Addition of guar to the first 80g glucose load was found to also decrease glycemic response after the second 80g glucose load four hours later. Additionally, free fatty acid levels were reported to be lower four hours after ingesting guar with glucose than after ingesting glucose alone.10

References: 1. Leclere CJ, Viscous guar gums lower glycemic responses after a solid meal: mode of action. Am J Clin Nutr 1994; 59 (suppl):776S. 2. Blackburn NA, et al. The mechanism of action of guar gum in improving glucose tolerance in man. Clin Science. 1984; 66:329-336. 3. Peterson DB, et al. Effects of guar on diabetes and lipidsfood and pharmacology compared. Diabetologia. 1984; 27:319A. 4. Jacobs LR. Effects of dietary fiber on mucosal growth and cell proliferation in the small intestine of the rat: A comparison of oat bran, pectin and guar with total fiber deprivatioin. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 1983; 37:954. 5. Cummings JH. Colonic absorption: The importance of short chain fatty acids in man. Scand. J. Gastroenterology. 1984; 20:88. 6. Liljeberg HG, et al. Products based on high fiber barley genotype, but not common barley or oats, lower postprandial glucose and insulin responses in healthy humans. J. Nutr.1996;126:458-466. 7. Pick ME, et al. Oat bran concentrate bread products improve long - term control of diabetes: A pilot study. J Am Diet Assoc. 1996; 96:1254-1261. 8.Cummings JH. Consequences of the metabolism of fiber in the human large intestine. In: Dietary Fiber in Health and Disease, Vahouny GV and Kritchevsky D. (eds) New York, Plenum Press. 1982. 9. Schauss AG. Lactobacillus acidophilus: method of action, clinical application and toxicity data. Journal of Advancement in Medicine. 1990; 3(3): 163– 178. 10. Jenkins DJA, et al. Improved glucose tolerance four hours after taking guar with glucose. Diabetologia. 1980; 19:21-24.

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