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Ultra Gest Information

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- Supports digestion of macronutrients - Aids in vitamin and mineral digestion and absorption

ULTRA GEST is designed to be well tolerated and support both digestion and balancing of intestinal microflora. Ultra Gest provides two forms of hydrochloric acid, pepsin, and herbal bitters with traditional use in the support of good digestion.

Before nutrients enter the absorptive environment of the small intestine, they must pass through the stomach. The stomach plays a role in the digestion of proteins and certain B vitamins. The functions of the stomach are largely dependent upon its highly acidic environment which works to further break down food particles and activate specific enzymes.

BETAINE HCL AND GLUTAMIC HCL are two forms of hydrochloric acid that Ultra Gest provides. Glutamic HCl has been reported to be gentler on the stomach. Betaine, or trimethylglycine, acts not only as a carrier for hydrochloric acid, but also as a methyl donor for important liver detoxification pathways.

PEPSIN is the active portion of pepsinogen and acts as a protein-digesting enzyme in the stomach. The HCl in Ultra Gest works to enhance conversion of endogenous inactive pepsinogen to active pepsin.

AMMONIUM CHLORIDE AND GENTIAN ROOT act to enhance endogenous HCl production.

Click here to Buy Ultra Gest by BioGenesis

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