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Ultra Mins Information

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- Broad spectrum of macro and micro minerals - Bioavailable citrate and citrate/malate carriers for high absorption and mitochondrial Krebs citric acid cycle support. - Betaine HCI to further enhance absorption.

ULTRA MINS is your best choice when considering a broad-spectrum mineral supplement for your patient. Ultra Mins is truly a comprehensive mineral formula.

Calcium supports healthy bone, muscle, and neurological metabolism. Studies indicate it may be beneficial for a healthy cholesterol metabolism and may help maintain healthy blood pressure.

Iodine is important in the proper regulation of metabolism. Recently, some researchers have become concerned that vegetarians and those on iodized salt restricted diets may be at risk for iodine deficiency.

Magnesium supports healthy bone structure and density. Magnesium supports healthy heart rhythm and maintenance of blood pressure already within the normal range. Studies have shown that magnesium is important for proper blood sugar regulation and that its use supports healthy respiratory and circulatory function. Magnesium has muscle relaxant properties (smooth muscle: blood vessels, gastrointestinal muscles, uterus, etc., cardiac muscle and skeletal muscle.) Due to magnesium’s smooth muscle relaxant effects, it may benefit patient with vascular head pain and muscle tension head pain.

Zinc deficiency can result in impaired immunity. Studies show it benefits T and B lymphocyte function. Other benefits from zinc supplementation may include secondary antioxidant support, antiviral activity, and retinal and macular eye membrane protection.

Manganese, along with calcium, zinc, copper, glucosamine, and chondroitin, has been shown to be efficacious for healthy bone and joint metabolism. Manganese may be beneficial for menstruating females.

Chromium may assist in supporting healthy blood sugar and metabolism levels and helps maintain healthy cardiovascular function. Chromium may enhance insulin receptor activity.

Molybdenum deficiency in animals results in retarded weight gain, decreased food consumption, impaired reproduction, and a shortened life span. Molybdenum is involved in the catabolism of purines and sulfur amino acids. Molybdenum may be required for intestinal microflora enzymatic detoxification of carcinogenic xenobiotics.

Potassium may help support healthy cardiac function and assist in supporting blood pressure within normal range. Supplementation may be used to prevent potassium depletion in those on diuretics.

Boron may be indicated for bones and joints.

Vanadium has insulin-mimetic activity and may be beneficial for the support of healthy blood sugar levels.

Betaine HCI may lower elevated Homocysteine levels and acts as a delivery form of hydrochloric acid for those individuals who would benefit from dietary supplementation.

Click here to Buy Ultra Mins by BioGenesis

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