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UltraLean Body Composition Formula Information

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- Therapeutic levels of B vitamins - Contains mineral citrates and malates for mitochondrial support - Nutrients delivered in therapeutic amounts - Specialty nutrients are added to enhance fat metabolism and    blood sugar balance

BioGenesis presents the UltraLean family of products for your patients who need additional help achieving their weight-loss goals. UltraLean products can be used alone, along with your diet and exercise recommendations, or with other products from the UltraLean family (UltraLean Functional Foods, UltraLean Appetite Control, UltraLean Thermo, UltraLean and Low-Carb Gluco-Support Bars, BioBalance Diet, Super CLA) for weight loss and blood sugar management. Your patients have access to a complete family of weight loss and blood sugar control products.

ULTRALEAN FUNCTIONAL FOOD, available in delicious chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry banana flavors, is designed to enhance fat loss while preserving lean tissue to support healthy body composition. To get the most out of the UltraLean program, you should use the UltraLean products, follow the eating guidelines in the UltraLean BioBalance diet, and begin or continue on an exercise program approved by your healthcare provider.

ULTRALEAN FUNCTIONAL FOOD is formulated to support healthy metabolic activity. Stimulants such as ephedra and ma haung, etc., are not used. Instead UltraLean Functional Food acts to enhance fat cell metabolism only. That means no jitters, no rapid heart rates, no insomnia, no heart palpitations, no prostate swelling or urinary retention. UltraLean Functional Food is designed to be safe and effective.

NUTRIENTS FOR SCIENCE-BASED WEIGHT LOSS & BLOOD SUGAR STABILITY. UltraLean Functional Food is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate, low-fat, multivitamin/mineral, specialty nutrient beverage that can be used long-term with a balanced diet and exercise program to achieve your desired body composition goals.

THERAPEUTIC LEVEL B VITAMINS B vitamins take part in numerous chemical processes including maintenance of blood sugar balance and assisting in normal cellular metabolism. Use UltraLean Functional Food as a meal replacement, between meals (for blood sugar balance), or with a small, well-balanced meal to achieve your weight loss goals.

SELECTED CITRATE AND MALATE MINERAL CHELATES Minerals are critical to your health and to your body’s ability to properly maintain stable blood sugar levels. However, for minerals to be of any therapeutic benefit, you must absorb them. Selected minerals in UltraLean are presented as citrates and malates to support your cells’ metabolic and enzymatic efficiency.

SPECIALTY NUTRIENTS When consumed two to three times per day, the level of chromium found in UltraLean has been shown to be nutritionally beneficial in balancing blood sugar levels, reducing serum triglyceride levels in insulin insensitive individuals, and balancing serum HDL levels. In addition, chromium is considered the key nutrient in glucose tolerance factor (GTF), which researchers believe increases insulin receptor sensitivity and enhances glucose transport into cells. Improving insulin sensitivity is key to enhancing fat cell metabolism and burning triglycerides as a fuel during a weight loss program. Phaseolamin is a protein extracted from white kidney beans and is known to have anti-alpha amylase activity. Clinical trials in America, Italy, Japan and Norway have shown a 66% to 75% reduction in starch absorption when Phaseolamin is consumed. Placebo-controlled clinical trials found that over-weight individuals consuming phaseolamin as part of their diet lost an average of half a pound per week, compared to the placebo group who lost only 0.1 lbs over four weeks. Guar Gum has been added to assist in further flattening of the post-prandial glucose response. Guar gum appears to affect carbohydrate absorption by retarding the emptying of the stomach, inhibiting starch degradation, and reducing glucose absorption in the small intestine. Alpha-Ketoglutarate has been traditionally used for preventing muscle protein depletion after surgery or trauma and is included to support muscle protein synthesis. Green tea is included as a source of polyphenols and epigallocatechin gallate, which have been shown to be protective against oxidative stress. In addition, green tea is a source of caffeine and has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and enhance metabolism.

Click here to Buy UltraLean Body Composition Formula by BioGenesis

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