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Understanding the Role of Taurine in the Body

Understanding the Role of Taurine in the Body

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Taurine is an organic acid produced in our body. It is most often found in the brain, heart, eyes and the blood. It is also a key component in the production of bile. The word taurine is an offshoot of the Latin word Taurus which means bull because it was first discovered from the bile of an ox in the early eighteen hundreds. In order to know its importance, it is necessary to know the role of taurine in the body.

One very important role of taurine in the body is in the normal functioning of the human brain. Taurine was found to be deficient in patients who are suffering from bipolar disorder. It is also important in regulating insulin levels in the body which is very important especially in avoiding diseases like diabetes.

Another essential role of taurine in the body is in the functions of the kidney. At the cellular level, taurine maintains magnesium and potassium within the cell while keeping off excessive sodium. In other words, it functions similarly to a diuretic. Hence, it improves kidney functions. Taurine is also of great help in preventing tissue swelling and the buildup of fluids. Taurine has been very efficient in treating people with high blood pressure. When excess fluid is taken out, it results in the normalcy of blood pressure. Taurine also works to humidify the sympathetic nervous system, thereby easing spasms in the artery.

Taurine was also found to have positive effects to the heart. It helps to keep heart muscles strong and regulate the levels of calcium in the body. It also helps to maintain and regulate heart rhythm. Apart from this, taurine is also very helpful in women as there are female hormones which decrease its production in the body. Having known all of this, it can be said that the role of taurine in the body is as important as any other nutrient.

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