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Uses and Effectiveness Of Methionine

Uses and Effectiveness Of Methionine

This ingredient is contained in AdreCor, ExcitaCor, and ExcitaPlus

Methionine is one of the amino acids that is made inside our bodies that is responsible for making proteins. It can also be found in meat, fish and other dairy products. It is also used to prevent damages of the liver due to acetaminophen poisoning and also for increasing the acidity of urine and it also improves wound healing.  Other uses of methionine are said to treat depression, alcoholism, certain allergies, asthma, drug withdrawal, schizoprenia and Parkinson’s disease.

There are studies that show that methionine is possibly effective for the preventing liver damage. This would apply is the case is due to acetaminophen or tylenol poisoning. Treatment should be done by administering the methionine by oral means or can be injected intravenously or by IV by an emergency room staff. It is said that if acetaminophen poisoining occurs, treatment should be administed as quickly as possible. It is also to be wary that if acetaminophen poisoining or overdose occurs, methionine treatment must be given within 10 hours of the overdose.

Other uses of methionine are found in evidence in studies and clinical trials done in certain places. There are claims that methionine can be used to prevent colon cancer.  Although there are insufficient evidence for this claim, it is said that some effidence points out that eating a diet rich in methionine and folate helps people prevent colon cancer from occuring. This is said to be evident especially for people who have familial history of having colon cancer and for people who are fond of drinking large amounts of alcohol.

There are also claims that methionine is effective in maintaining a normal liver function, treating depression, alcoholism and treatment of certain allergies.  There are more evidence needed to confirm these claims especially for the use of methionine to treat asthma, radiation side effects, schizophrenia, drug withdrawal and Parkinson’s disease.

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