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Various Lipoic Acid Benefits

Lipoic acid has the capability of neutralizing free radicals as well as increasing the efficacy of other antioxidants which includes C and E vitamins, B vitamins and the coenzyme Q10. It could also able to help out in maintaining the normal levels of blood sugar and sustaining insulin sensitivity as well. Such properties could make the lipoic acid a helpful for metabolic syndrome preventative treatment and for cardiovascular health maintenance.

In the oxidative stress reduction, lipoic acid also helps out in the prevention of cataracts and the glaucoma development. Taken with E vitamin, lipoic acid is being used in preventing retinal cell demise on people having retinitis pigmentosa.

Due to its distinctive solubility, lipoic aid is could be able to pass through the blood brain barrier reaching all nerve cells parts. Researches revealed that lipoic acid lessens brain damage associated with strokes as well as an improved time of survival. Facts show that lipoic acid could offers defense against Alzheimer’s disease as well as helps out in the protection against the deficiencies of acetylcholine which Alzheimer’s disease characterize. It has also been discovered to reduce symptoms and inflammation on people having multiple sclerosis.

Lipoic acid is also known to avoid the bone loss on people having osteoporosis and certain harmful bone conditions by the reduction of the oxidative stress which could possibly degrade the density of the bone. It also restrains the bone demising osteoclast cells formation hindering the inflammatory cytokine tumor necrosis factor-alpha and pro-inflammatory prostaglandin E2.

Lipoic acid also chelates to toxic metals helping the removal such compounds out of the body. It has purposely been shown to fight against arsenic and cadmium poisoning. It is also beneficial to the liver and known to lessen the wasting condition of persons having HIV infection. When mixed with certain creams, lipoic acid is observed to develop a healthy skin texture and reducing the photogaing appearance of the skin.


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