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Various Ways of Taking Rhodiola Rosea

Various Ways of Taking Rhodiola Rosea

This ingredient is contained in Calm PRT NeuroScience, AdreCor, ExcitaCor, and ExcitaPlus.

Rhodiola Rosea, an adaptogen also known as Golden Root, Arctic Root or Rose root, is known to be a potent herb that is considered to enhance general body health and ease many illnesses. Rhodiola rosea supplements are also said to help alleviate problems such as memory impairments and depression.

More and more people around the world are now trying Rhodiola to experience its benefits first hand. There are various ways in which you could choose from if you wish to take and give Rhodiola rosea a try. You could get ready-made supplement tablets or make your own Rhodiola root extract or tea.


1. For supplement tablets, buy ready-made tablets of Rhodiola Rosea Root. You could do this online as there are many websites that offer it for sale. This could be more convenient for you if you have a busy schedule since it could just be delivered to your place if you wish. See to it that the product you’re purchasing contains three parts Rosavins up to one part Salidroside for best value. Generally, adult dosage is approximately 100 mg to 300 mg per day. You could also choose to consult your doctor first so you would know what dosage is best for you to take, or if you’re even allowed to take it altogether, especially if you have other health problems or condition.


2. Make your own extract of Rhodiola Rosea Root or if you like, you can purchase already prepared ones. To make your own, mince 30 g of dried Rhodiola roots in a coffee grinder until it becomes powder. Put the powder in a container and add 150 ml of vodka. Mix thoroughly and keep the mixture for three to five days at room temperature. Filter the extract mixture. Consume 1/2 tsp. of the extract three times a day.


3. To make a tea, take 5 g of Rhodiola roots and cut it into fine pieces. Pour one cup of boiling water over the cut roots and let it stay for approximately four hours. Filter. Add juice to improve taste, if desired.

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