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Vicia Faba L Dopa and Parkinsons Disease 2

Vicia faba L Dopa and Parkinsons Disease


It has been long known to people that broad beans or vicia faba can help treat patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. However, this knowledge would not certainly do unless you take a deeper look on how it is possible for vicia faba to improve the condition of patients having Parkinson’s disease or PD.


The main thing about vicia faba on Parkinson’s disease is the fact that it contains a huge amount of levodopa (L-Dopa) that is proven effective to treating PD. It is already verified that vicia faba contains more levodopa than other plants.  As a matter of fact, to give you an idea on the amount of levodopa that broad beans may contain, you should know that the whole plant actually, which include the leaves, pods, and stems, contain L-Dopa.


Of course, you cannot expect to get the same amount of levodopa on all vicia faba species. Its amount can definitely vary among its species. The factors that may be included to affect the amount of levodopa in broad beans are soil conditions, weather, and the place where it’s grown.


The effect of levodopa or L-Dopa from vicia faba can help improve the cases of PD by controlling its symptoms. Some health experts claim that vicia faba may also contain other elements aside from levodopa that helps in curing PD.  This is because it has been reported that the beneficial effect of these broad beans are longer as compared with the prescribed medications.


However, while there are a lot of PD patients have reported positive results from taking vicia faba, there are also those who are argue that it provides no effect at all.


Due to these circumstances, it is always wise to seek for your doctor’s advice first before taking vicia faba.

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