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Vicia Faba L Dopa and Parkinsons Disease

Vicia Faba L-Dopa and Parkinsons Disease


Through extensive research, it was then found out that vicia faba, also known as faba beans, is an excellent source of levodopa (L-Dopa). It has been one of the hot topics in medical discussion and online forums as people are trying to find out the properties of vicia faba – whether this plant can be of great help in treating medical ailments. 


Vicia faba is a a legume and is commonly called fava, broad bean, horse bean, field bean, tic bean or field bean. It is cultivated at areas such as Iran, Egypt, Greece and Ethiopia although it is actually a native plant in North Africa and Southwest Asia. “Vicia faba” is the botanical name for broad bean.  It grows in a long pod.  It also resembles a giant green bean having a large flat seeds inside of it.


Fava beans are often linked to Parkinson’s disease for it contains levodopa. Levodopa (L-Dopa) is the major ingredient for drugs used for treating Parkinson’s disease. It includes Sinemet, Madopar, Dopar and Larodopa. It is not just the beans itself that contains L-Dopa. As a matter of fact, the entire vicia faba plant contains levodopa. It can be found in its stems, leaves, pod and even immature beans. 


Although the amount of levodopa varies depending on the place where the vicia faba is planted, it is said that three ounces of fresh green vicia faba contains about 50-100mg of levodopa.


Previous studies show that levodopa in faba beans aids in controlling the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. However, unlike other medications, vicia faba (L-dopa) can provide longer effect. Moreover, researchers are entertaining the idea that vicia faba may actually have other substances or other properties that can be of great help in improving various health conditions. 

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