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Vitamin B1 is Thiamine

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) is very important because it helps our bodies turn our food into energy and not having enough would effect every cell in the body. The only way we can get it is from the foods we eat or by taking a vitamin supplement. It is colorless and found in many foods, but the highest concentrations are in whole grains, meat (especially pork), fish, and beans.  It is very important for your heart and brain, and damage can occur if you don't get enough. In fact, very little is stored in our bodies and the lack of it can cause damage to our bodies in as little as two weeks. Taking Thiamine with other B Vitamins is the recommended way of dosing in most countries. There is little need to worry about taking too much as it is water soluble and therefore excess is disposed of through urine and other waste.  If you are a heavy drinker, there can be very bad consequences because the alcohol makes it harder it for the Thiamine to absorb into your system and you can get a disease called Berberi. Most cases of Berberi in this country are because of alcoholism. This disease causes damage to your nerves and muscles. Even taking birth control and antacids require the need for more Thiamine and not getting enough has also been linked to mental illness.


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