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Vitamin Supplementation is the key to Men Health

Men, as most of the people know, are tougher than women. But do you know that the mortality rate of men is also higher than that of women? That was the result of a certain research that was done in United States. There are list of reasons that explain why men are more prone to death.

Here are the top causes of their deaths.

The leading cause of men’s death is HEART DISEASE because they can already experience or suffer from this disease even at early age.

The second cause is CANCER—lung cancer and prostate cancer. Men have a high possibility to develop cancer and the sad part is they don’t survive even though the disease has been diagnosed early.

Pneumonia and Flu is third on the list. The ratio of men versus women dying from this cause is two is to one. One way to get rid of flu is strengthening the immune system and this can be done through vitamin supplementation.

Also, men are more likely to commit suicide as compared to women. Why? It is because men don’t talk too much about their problems. They rather call their friends and have fun than to talk about their inner feelings. Another is men doesn’t voice out what they feel because they still want their friends to think that they can handle the problem that they’re dealing with.

The last cause of high mortality rate of men is CIRRHOSIS. Why? It is because most men are heavy drinkers. Women don’t drink as much as men do. When you are a heavy drinker, you are more likely to develop liver cirrhosis. Cirrhosis is a disease that is caused by a damage or normal liver tissues and replaced by scar tissues.


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