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Ways To Control Your Appetite

Appetite control is on the minds of many people, especially with the holidays just around the corner. No one wants to try anything too drastic or dangerous, though. So is there a natural and healthy way to control your appetite? In fact there is. Read on for some helpful advice. Many of us eat when we are bored, angry, or sad. Don’t fall into this habit, or if you have already, find a different outlet for your emotions. Some people find going for a walk or run helps. Drawing, yoga, and swimming are other popular activities people use to get back to their happy place. Only eat when you’re actually hungry. It’s amazing how often we eat just because it’s time to. Not only are we consuming needless calories, we are also getting away from the joyful experience of eating a good meal. Eating only when we are hungry will not only help control weight, it will also help regulate our appetite. Remember that only puppies can scarf down their food and still be cute. The rest of us need to slow down. Chew each bite at least five times, and don’t wait until the end to grab your water glass. It usually takes 20 minutes for the brain to recognize that you are full.  Finally, do not forget the beverage. Drink 8 oz of water or fruit juice every couple of hours. Being fully hydrated cuts down on hunger pangs, and helps flush out toxins and other undesirables.


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