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Ways to Achieve Appetite Control

When seeking ways to successfully achieve appetite control, consider using natural methods. Losing weight to any degree will require some hunger pangs. It's the management of these hunger pangs and keeping them infrequent which will make losing weight a successful endeavor. Filling up on water is the first step to appetite suppression. Drinking one ounce of water per pound that you weigh each day will adequately fill your stomach and provide you with enough hydration during exercise. Avoid flavoring water with sugary substitutes as these will only increase your sugar craving. Eat an apple each day, preferably at the time you are the most hungry. Apples are dense and will fill your stomach up longer than most other snacks. Also choose foods that are high in fiber and lean protein. When eating carbohydrates, select ones that are 100% whole grain. Eliminate refined or bleached flour from your diet. These "bad" carbs are too easy to digest and will not fill you up. Select foods that contain healthy fats such as avocados, olives, and nuts. When eaten in moderation, these types of foods will be filling and are also at the same time providing the right amount of heart healthy fat that your body needs. There are also supplements that are designed to help supress appetite. Select ones with natural herbal ingredients and take them only as directed on the bottle. A combination of a good supplement and healthy diet is a sure way to achieve appetite control.


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